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Inside NZ film star Anna Paquins L.A. home

Anna Paquin one of our most well known kiwi actresses has opened the doors to her L.A. Venice home she shares with husband Stephen Moyer and children Charlie and Poppy.  Architectural Digest took a sneak peak and interviewed the lovely couple.  Known famously for The Piano Anna Paquin went on to feature in True Blood, Flack, X-men, The Irishman , Fly Away Home and Alias Grace.

Their home is a highly designed and personalised project which has taken some 7 years to pull together with architects davidhertz_studioea,  interior designer  Arabella Mcintosh,  and landscape gardeners Big Red Sun  – all working in collaboration.  It started out with a purchase of a bungalow and adjoining lot and the site has now been turned into a truly ecologically sensitive project.

“It’s always exciting to surround yourself with people whose taste you absolutely love, who you really trust creatively, then not micro-manage but actually let them come up with their creations and ideas, so you’re not getting a watered-down version,” Paquin says.

The biggest inspiration is ‘driftwood’ to complement the L.A Venice beachside living and the inside takes on a very rustic-meets nautical concept.  During his interview with AD ….Moyers explains the concept was to create a home like a ship, with teak decks, stainless-steel railings, and reclaimed wood wrapping the exterior. “I want the outside to look like driftwood.” Exclaimed Moyer.  Their architect then found the ultimate 100 year old Alaskan cedar material from a Hollywood amphitheater and they had it authentically weathered to suit the brief!

The hipster couple now have a stunning three level home with roof terrace, ocean views, open plan living, skylights and even a two story floating front door.  This home has been stylishly designed throughout with interesting artwork and collected pieces, customised furniture and a somewhat vintage-reclaimed feel.   The effect is “warm and layered, a little romantic and moody, and oozing with intrigue and playfulness,” says McIntosh from the appointed interior designers.


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