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Fretwork frills


Restoring a character bungalow or building a new home with classic touches? There are so many affordable elements you can use to decorate your home adding real charm and transforming a simplistic look to a more luxurious finish.

When building our new home we wanted a more bungalow look and feel.  We built using weatherboard and the classic long run iron roof and added wool carpets, subway tiles, tongue and groove doors, pendant lighting, slate flooring and warm grey, tea and sage tones offset by arctic white.  Then we discovered the gem shop Bungalow & Villa and adding our icing to the cake became easy and affordable!  We enhanced our porch entrance with lace and bracket fretwork, added a finial spire and corbels to our tallest gable, postcaps for our feature gates and filled feature rooms in master bedroom and media lounge with ceiling roses.

Bungalow & Villa are specialists in supplying materials to restore some of Auckland’s oldest character homes so they have all the trimmings you could possibly want … turned wooden products like finials, balusters, spindals, fire surrounds, architraves, ceiling roses, intricate fretwork, corbels, gates, feature doors and much more!

Show room : 377 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland.
Phone: 0800-428-642
For sales or product enquiries email: [email protected]



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